JufengJUFENG was conceived in 2006, just as the industry started to transition from leaded solder to lead-free alternatives. We are a China-based manufacturer that specializes in the development, fabrication, and distribution of premium solder products. Our inventory includes popular selection such as the solder ball, flux, paste, and powder. We offer both leaded and lead-free solder wires and bars. These specialized products are often utilized for the professional soldering of electrical equipment and instruments. As a professional manufacturer, we are fully equipped to handle OEM requests. Client-side logos are accepted, and additional processing charges may apply.


Founded in 2006, our company has since been devoted to the enhancement of product integrity. The diameter of our lead-free solder wire can reach a minimum threshold of 0.1mm. This degree of finesse clearly distinguishes us from our competitors.


We have passed both the ISO9001:2000 and ISO9001:2008 certifications. Many of our environmental friendly products have been approved by SGS, RoHS, and other relevant standards. Our technical taskforce consists of 5 senior reflow-soldering engineers, 6 solder wire development engineers, 8 senior solder bar technical consultants, as well as other R&D and operational staff.


We own a complete array of advanced production and inspection equipment. Included in our repertoire are the tin wire winding machine, wave soldering device, and the high-accuracy spectrometer for soldered products. From raw material procurement to post-processing inspection, each stage of our production cycle is carefully monitored and supervised for the outstanding standard of quality that our customers have come to expect.


Our development efforts are guided by market trends. We strive to provide technologically sound and environmental friendly products for a new era of microelectronics soldering. As a global supplier, we export worldwide to more than 100 countries and regions including America, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Germany, France, etc.
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