СЭлКом (CompoNet)

Company "СЭлКом" has legally registered second name in latin transkription, as "CompoNet".

CompoNet (aka СЭлКом) an electronic distribution company has been working on Russian electronics market since 2002.
CompoNet has the partner in Belarus - company RadioChip (radiodetali.by).
In cooperation with partner we exceed $11M USD sales in 2023 on Russia and Belarus markets. Sales on territory supported by staff of 20 sales persons and local stocks on warehouses in Moscow and Minsk on more than $3M and more than 12K part numbers.
CompoNet has wide partners (others distribution companies) network in Russia and yearly more than 25% of sales/purchase are going via partners. CompoNet is working not only in stock sales business model, but in project sales business model, as well. About 90% of direct sales to end customers are going from key customers with whom CompoNet has strong relations.

CompoNet has about 40 signed direct contracts with electronic component manufacturers from Great China and some others countries. Brands of manufacturers with whom CompoNet is doing significantly business is listed on page Manufactures.

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Наши партнеры
УРМ Radiodetali
УРМ Radiodetali

Удаленное рабочее место «Radiodetali», предназначено для резервирования, заказа, оформления счета на оплату и получения электронных компонентов, хранящихся на складах и удаленных складах поставщиков.